Life Hacks From A Planner

Photo by Tetiana Photography

Photo by Tetiana Photography

If you’re reading this you’re probably like me — you’ll do anything to save more time or money, get your life more organized, or just be a better version of yourself. I love hearing and trying out other people’s life hacks, so here are a few of mine that have been saving my life lately.

Keep a case of Lacroix in your car trunk

I spend a decent amount of time on the road traveling to meetings or events and find myself quite thirsty. While I do also carry a reusable water bottle, sometimes I just don’t have the opportunity to refill it. Rather than purchase a $6 green iced tea from Starbucks, I keep a case of Lacroix in my car that only cost me $12 for a 24-pack at Costco (side note: please recycle!). I stay hydrated, avoid unhealthy sugary drinks and save some money. I also do this with snacks, for example I keep a few protein bars in my car so I can easily eat something on the road between meetings.

Put Your Phone At the Opposite End of Your Home

This is for those of us who work from home or need time at home to focus on something: Do yourself a favor and put your phone far, far away from you. We’ve heard a million times that we are addicted to our phones and knowing this I wanted to beat the bad habit. All of my electronics are Apple products - my phone, laptop and desktop computer - so everything is synced at the same time. This means if I put my phone at the opposite end of my home, I can still receive notifications to my iMac about any texts and calls. What putting my phone across does is keep my random phone scrolling to a minimum. Try it, and see how much less time you’ll spend on your phone addiction.

Only use Instagram while standing

Part two of the phone addiction: It’s so easy to pick up your phone to do one thing and then end up going down a rabbit-hole of dog/cat/lion/hippo/baby videos on Instagram, YouTube, or whatever else you watch on. If it’s an app that you know is taking up your time, use it while standing so that you can a) get a bit more blood flowing in those legs and b) you will likely get tired of standing, then notice how long you have been on the app and ideally put your phone away.

Multitask while Doing Thoughtless Activities

Run while watching catching up with your grandma on the phone. Listen to a great podcast to distract yourself in rush hour traffic. Fold laundry while watching the Bachelor. As a planner, it’s important to be able to multitask but I never want to sacrifice the quality of the work I do by trying to do too much. So I multitask while doing something that doesn’t require heavy thinking. I can’t justify two hours every Monday to watching hopeless romantics while not doing something else.

Use voice memos to record your thoughts when you’re in a hurry

My brain is constantly thinking of a million different things at once, and often I get great ideas while I’m not at my desk or near a notepad. But I will inevitably have my phone with me, so I use it to record a voice memo for any thought I want to make sure I don’t forget. Another way of doing this is to text myself the idea.

Have a few Blank thank you cards Everywhere

I actually have to give credit to a fellow event planner, Candi at Block Coordination, who taught me this one. She kept blank thank you cards in her work bag so that whenever she wanted to thank a client or vendor she was working with, she easily could. Now I keep thank you cards everywhere - in my desk, car, work bag, etc. because whenever I do need one, I usually need it right then. Plus I want to buy pretty cards ahead of time and not be stuck with something generic from the drug store.

Get Up earlier on Weekdays, but gradually

I’m sure you’ve heard before that successful people get up super early, and I personally do believe this. I feel like when I start my day earlier, I am happier and feel like I accomplish more (and literally do). But I think what intimidates a lot of people is thinking you need to go from an 8am wakeup to a 5am wakeup, and I don’t think that’s a realistic life change to make. Like going from eating steak one day to vegan the next - sure some really disciplined people can do that, but that’s the exception and not the norm. When I find myself sleeping in a lot, I challenge myself to get up 20-30 minutes earlier each week to gradually get to the wakeup time I want to be at.

Use Clear Pouches to organize Every Bag You Own

I hate going into backpacks or purses and not knowing what I have in them, so now I use clear pouches to keep pens and sticky notes separate from my lip chap and hand sanitizer. I use these ones from Amazon. They come in all sizes and are great for holding your liquids when you travel!

I’d love to know what your favorite life hacks are in the comments below!